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Leica Stainers Total Flexibility - Proven Quality

Versatile by design, Leica workstations are adaptable to meet the needs of different laboratories, providing workflow consolidation and optimization.

System modularity: The Leica ST5010 and ST5020 stainers are available as stand-alone instruments and as workstation solutions combining a routine stainer with a glass coverslipper.

Multistaining capability: With two drawer systems and 30-capacity slide racks, laboratories can perform H&E, PAP and special staining protocols, alone or in combination.

Individual timing and programming: Parameters for each reagent station can be individually set to adjust staining to the pathologist's requirements.


Quickly and easily stain surgical frozen sections with the Leica
ST4020. This compact linear stainer is small enough to sit with
your cryostat yet fast enough to deal with even the most urgent











Save money and maintain quality

With a small container volume (50 mL), optional agitation, running fresh water, and customizable protocols, the Leica ST4020 helps you maintain consistent diagnostic quality while reducing waste and cutting reagent costs.

Fits in any lab

Due to its compact size it is small enough to sit with your cryostat yet fast enough to deal with even the most urgent samples.

The proven Leica Autostainer XL continues to provide reproducible, consistent, high-quality staining and increased workload throughput.

The flexibility of open consumables and reagents along with the option to use validated Surgipath reagents, consumables and protocols provide superior staining and coverslipping quality.






High specimen throughput

High specimen throughput supports laboratory workflows with up to 11 racks of 30 slides at a time.

Accommodate specific laboratory needs

Ability to store and run up to 15 different, user defined staining protocols offers increased flexibility to accommodate individual staining procedures.

The Leica ST5020 Multistainer produces consistent, high-quality results for both routine and special stains and can perform single or multiple protocols at the same time.







Consistent Quality and Convenience

The Leica ST5020 reagent management system (RMS) helps to monitor reagent expiration, reagent rotation and stain quality. As a  result: Reagent changes minimize disruptions to workflow and reduce delays.

The RMS in conjunction with validated Surgipath reagents and protocols, ensures superior staining and coverslipping quality.



Leica Biosystems, a global leader in workflow solutions and automation, provides anatomic pathology laboratories and researchers a comprehensive product range for each step in the pathology process, from sample preparation and staining to imaging and reporting. Our easy-to-use and consistently reliable offerings help improve workflow efficiency and diagnostic confidence.


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