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Let our expert technicians convert your glass slides to high resolution eSlides so you can take advantage of all the benefits of Aperio ePathology Solutions.

Need to start scanning now? Working on publication research, a specialty project, or instructing students? Send your glass slides to us and we will convert them to eSlides, providing you with superior images to publish or share.

We scan glass slides with any tissue and any stain, at the highest brightfield resolution (up to 83x), for the very best image quality.

Created for today’s demanding educational and research needs, our slide hosting platform allows you to stay focused while we take care of your IT requirements. Whether for performing drug safety studies or setting up distance learning, our slide hosting  services deliver global real-time viewing of eSlides and study records. This enables rapid distribution, peer review and more efficient, accurate, and streamlined collaboration.

• Conduct remote histology and pathology activities
• Support in-classroom applications without upgrading yourIT infrastructure
• Supplement journal publications and presentations with links to  digital slides


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