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Leica IP C - Improve the Efficiency of Your Laboratory!

Fast Speed, High Print Quality, and High Reliability

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The Leica IP Routine VI cassettes included in the starter kit have been designed for optimal workflow with the Leica IP C cassette printer, offering a printing error rate of less than 1%.

The Leica IP C printer is the fast, reliable and high-quality ink printer for direct prints on cassettes. This enables your lab to accurately link the specimen to the patient by means of clear, resistant imprints and barcode tracking, thus improving your workflow and reducing potential specimen identification.

  • Automated Unload Station

The optional automated unload station has 10 trays, each of which holds up to 10 cassettes, automates the manual process and helps to reduce human error (e.g. mixing up sequence of cassettes).

IP C Automated Unload Station

  • Fast Batch Printing

15 cassettes/minute; single-cassette printing: 10 sec per cassette; for high throughput and optimized workflow.

IP C Batch Job Printing

  • Barcode Printing

Barcode printed cassette used for tracking supports reduction of human error through automation and traceability.

IP C Barcode Printed Cassettes

  • Ink-Jet

chemicals for processing without dissolving the printed labeling.


IP C Ink-Jet Technology

Get A Great Deal on IP S Slide Printers Today!

Fast Speed, High Printing Quality, and High Reliability

For optimal performance and maximum legibility; match Snowcoat and X-tra Adhesive slides to the Leica IP S for a complete solution. The 45° clipped corner provides smooth transport through the instrument. The colored labeling area is specifically formulated for the best print quality. The Leica IP S labels up to 14 slides/minute.

Quickly and efficiently produce labeled cassettes and slides while you concentrate on value-added work. Leica IP C and IP S printers continuously produce labeled cassettes and slides without ongoing attention. It’s the high-productivity way to correctly link a specimen in your laboratory to a patient needing answers.

  • Reduced Maintenance

Label up to 60,000 slides with each ink cartridge.

IP S Printer Barcode Print

  • Load and Walk Away

Three magazines each hold up to 150 slides (450 in total). Magazines can be pre-loaded with an optional external slide magazine holder.

IP S Printer Ink Jet

  • Organized Output

Sort slides for orderly collection and reduced errors. 11 slides (per tray) can be conveniently grouped and transported on each of the 10 trays.

IP S Printer Batch Job

HistoCore PERMA S Slide Printing Solution

Reduce Errors and Maintain Efficiency

HistoCore PERMA S compact printing solution allows for placement at each microtome workstation for on-demand direct printing. This provides improved workflow and helps reduce the risk of specimen misidentification.

Perma S


Top Benefits:

  • Risk reduction by super-sharp printing providing 300 dpi easy-to-read text and direct barcode print capabilities
  • Included label design software allows for easy printer operation
  • Validated PERMASLIDE (non-adhesive) and PERMASLIDE Plus (adhesive) microscope slides provide consistent, high quality prints
  • Capable of black print on white slides or the option of color printing, the PERMA S eliminates the need and expense for multi-colored slides
  • Direct printing on glass eliminates the need for labels and manual handling, therefore the risk of mismatching labels is reduced

Reduce Errors and Maintain Efficiency

The HistoCore PERMA S slide printer, combined with the validated HistoCore PERMASLIDE non-adhesive slides, or PERMASLIDE Plus adhesive slides, generates the high quality printed barcodes required in your lab.

Offer Details:

  • Commit to purchasing the number of cases of PERMASLIDE Plus slides needed each month.
  • The price you pay is based on the number of printers acquired
  • 5% price increase each anniversary

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