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Our recent whitepaper, by Senior Systems Engineer, Dr. Yunlu Zou focuses on the Aperio GT 450 Quality Control Process, featuring the Automated Narrow Stripe, one of the new features for researchers.

Read about the quality control that enables an automatic rescan of a slide when the system detects image quality issues resulting from a tilted slide or tilted tissue. Streamlines the user’s workflow as the user does not need to interfere to trigger a rescan – which allows users to save time by not repreparing or readjusting slides, thus reducing labor hours (labor cost savings).

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Have you seen the image quality achieved by scanning with the Aperio GT 450?

Experience the interactive digital pathology image gallery with whole slide images scanned on the Aperio GT 450, a digital scanner designed to rapidly deliver images with excellent quality. Zoom in, enlarge sections and discover the sharpness of the high-resolution scanned image.


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