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Get the Guide to Better Immunohistochemistry

To get a confident diagnosis, labs must do all they can to ensure that their IHC stains exhibit the highest standards of quality. On some days, this can be tough, and root causes for issues, hard to identify.

By utilizing the Guide to Better IHC, you can reference troubleshooting tips for common immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining issues once your staining has been optimized and validated.

Learn how to identify staining artifacts such as air-drying and crushed cell artifact, as well as artifacts such as tissue pigments which can often interfere with IHC staining interpretation.

Some of the IHC challenges addressed include:

  • No staining
  • Weak staining
  • Nonspecific staining
  • Gradient staining
  • Excessive staining
  • Loss of staining


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Get the Guide to Better Immunohistochemistry

With resources at a premium, spend less time and effort troubleshooting so you can use your valuable time and skills doing what you do best…providing optimal patient care.


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