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Introducing the compact dual-retort tissue processor

Give every tissue type and size the treatment it deserves. Establish a workflow that meets the demands of your laboratory without compromises on tissue quality. The HistoCore PEGASUS Plus tissue processor enables you to run multiple protocols in parallel on a single instrument, ensuring optimal conditions for all tissue types without slowing down your laboratory.

HistoCore PEGASUS Plus

Learn how to increase your tissue processing capacity up to 33%

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Technological innovation increases single instrument processing capacity

For the first time, our world-renowned dual-retort technology will be available to medium-sized laboratories, enabling them to optimise histopathology workflows. Mid-sized laboratories will now be able to run multiple protocols in parallel on a single instrument, providing a solution that adapts to their workflow needs, and reduces unnecessary hands-on time. The dual retorts on HistoCore PEGASUS Plus increase capacity by up to 33% compared to a typical 300-cassette single-retort tissue processor.


The benefit of multiple tissue processing runs

According to Freida Carson#, the biggest problem when processing tissue is processing both biopsy and large [routine] tissue specimens in the same processing run.1 Tissue can become over-processed – that is, the tissue may appear to be cooked, brittle, crisp, dry, or powdery, or under-processed and cannot be sectioned. Biopsy and larger sample tissues should be processed separately using a protocol specific to the specimen.2

Learn how dual-retort technology helped one lab optimise their tissue processing workflow.


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2 Bancroft’s Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques: Expert Consult

*For Invitro Diagnostic Use.
# Died 11 January 2022.

Learn how to increase your tissue processing capacity
up to 33%