Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) probes

Kreatech FISH probes are the latest advancement in DNA in situ hybridization. These repeat-depleted probes are constructed using proprietary REPEAT-FREE technology that is based on subtractive hybridization, which specifically removes all probe repetitive elements dispersed throughout the target area of interest. Depleting these repeat sequences leads to more specific binding kinetics and makes the need for blocking DNA obsolete. This results in FISH assays with brighter signals and reduced background noise.

In addition, our DNA probes are labeled with the proprietary Universal Linkage System (ULS).

By combining the advanced performance of REPEAT-FREE technology with the Kreatech Diagnostics proprietary ULS labeling method, our new Kreatech probes offer the next generation of FISH probe.

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Through collaborations with leading institutions worldwide, we are continuously expanding our broad Kreatech FISH probe portfolio, including 38 FISH probes suitable for automation. Kreatech is committed to providing an ever-expanding menu that reflects the latest in scientific innovation as well as customer needs.

Custom probes are available upon request.

FISH Automation webinar

Get a detailed overview of the benefits of FISH testing and in particular, how automated FISH testing can increase consistency and reproducibility, while reducing manual labor time.

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