Get Your Customised Digital Pathology Report  

The seamless implementation of digital pathology is all about building a good business case and planning ahead.

If you are looking to calculate your potential digital pathology output; as well as hardware and infrastructural requirements based on your own lab’s specifications — Leica Biosystems can help you achieve that.

By filling in your details, we will provide you with a customised report which outlines the fundamental requirements needed to implement digital pathology in your lab.

What‘s Included in the report:


Scanning Output

  • Daily Scanning Capacity Required
  • Daily Available Slide Scanning Capacity
  • Available Annual Slide Scanning Capacity

Hardware Requirements

  • Number of Scanners Required
  • Number of SAM Servers Required

Storage Requirements

  • Average File Size (GB)
  • Daily Storage Consumed (TB)
  • Monthly Storage Consumed (TB)

Report will be prepared for the exclusive use and benefit of the requester and solely for the purpose for which it is provided. No part of the report should be reproduced, distributed or communicated to any third party. The Report is provided as-is for customer convenience only.

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Your Digital Pathology Plan​, built only for you​.

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