BOND III Liquid Level Sensing System

Uncover the NEW HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation

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Consistent Staining Quality


  • Efficiency – Increase Throughput: 
    Increase efficiency by 20%, compared to other platforms, by running multiple protocols in parallel by processing H&E and special stains simultaneously.

  • Flexibility – Run Multiple Protocols
    HistoCore SPECTRA ST design features a unique dual robotic arm technology to streamline your staining process and eliminates workflow bottlenecks.

  • Consistent Quality:
    The only workstation with specifically designed consumables for proven consistency from slide 1 - 1600.

High Throughput and Drying Time


  • 62% Reduction in Corrective Actions Compared to Current Coverslipper:
    The only glass workstation solution with optimized consumables specifically designed to deliver timely consistent results with the quality your lab demands. 

  • Consistent Results and Reduced Errors:
    Unmatched glass-slide drying times of just
    5-minutes providing immediately dry slides for quicker diagnosis.

  • Increased Throughput and Flexibility:
    The first and only workstation with dual-glass coverslip lines, enabling the highest throughput of up to 570 dried slides per hour.


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