With 25 years of leadership, over 2000 customers and 4000 systems worldwide, CytoVision is proud to introduce its newest innovation – CytoVision 7.6.


Exciting new features to improve image capture, expand on the dual reader workflow and provide you with images that mimic what you see at the microscope. CytoVision 7.6 gives you the tools you need to go digital with your FISH workflow.

CytoVision 7.6 Multi-Reader Capable

Cell View

The CytoVision 7.6 Cell View feature is a virtual image display which mimics and provides all the same detail as what is seen at the microscope – providing confidence to walk away from conventional fluorescent tools and enjoy the ergonomic and speed advantages of an on-screen review.


CytoVision 7.6 Multi-Reader Capable

Tissue FISH Mark‐up

Allows flexible remote viewing of the whole-slide DAPI stained tissue for accurate selection of regions to be captured at high power and presented for review.


CytoVision 7.6 Advanced Auto Camera Setup

Advanced Auto Camera Setup

A novel algorithm enables the scanning system to accurately determine optimal camera exposures even in the presence of brightly fluorescing background debris, removing the need for manual intervention of difficult samples.


HistoCore NANOCUT Automated Research & Special Applications Rotary Microtome

HistoCore NANOCUT – Automated Research & Special Applications Rotary Microtome

When your microtomy involves diverse samples in order to discover new breakthroughs in your research projects, then NANOCUT is the optimal solution for you. The new generation of microtomes from Leica Biosystems is built upon our 145+ year heritage of market-leading microtome design. From biomedical research to industrial applications, NANOCUT can cut virtually anything you put in front of it.

  • Cut sections that can be prepared for analysis in light microscopy and electron microscopy – down to 250nm (0.25µm, semi-thin).

  • Preserve sample integrity when performing semi-thin sectioning with the Special Spindle and expanded Slow Speed Adjustment capabilities

  • Precisely stop the sample in the object head’s optimal position for photo-capture of the cut sample surface when running 3-dimensional reconstruction programs.

CytoVision 7.6 Multi-Reader Capable

Multi-Reader Capable

CytoVision 7.6 supports up to 4 reads per test assay. Clinicians are able to score from two unique areas providing a built-in quality control mechanism. Multi-reader capability allows a 3rd or 4th read to settle discrepancies without needing to return to the microscope.




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CytoVision is for In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

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