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Building on its legacy of excellence in advanced staining technology, the new BOND-III IHC and ISH stainer from Leica Biosystems makes it easier for labs to quickly and consistently deliver complete cases to pathologists.

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Make a difference to accuracy and timeliness

Pathologists need all the slides in a case to solve the diagnostic puzzle and provide a true diagnosis to the clinician and ultimately, the patient.

BOND-III provides the entire case, efficiently and reliably, in an average time of 2.5 hours.

It is the last slide that matters

Deliver the last slide with the first...because it's the complete case that matters

BOND-III processes protocol steps simultaneously

This allows a single BOND-III to complete five cases (30 slides) in 2.5 hours. For labs with multiple instruments, speeds can be even faster.

No surprises

Withstand the volumes of the busiest labs – confidently approach each day with BOND-III’s unmatched reliability.

Team productivity

BOND-III helps create high performance teams as its optimized user experience makes common tasks fast and efficient.

An interface designed with your mind

BOND-III new user interface makes it faster, easier and more efficient for staff to execute tasks and avoid errors.

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Illuminate your next step

Check liquid levels and status at a glance. BOND-III is the only IHC/ISH instrument to illuminate reagent levels and provide a clear, visual alert should the laboratory need to either top-up a reagent bottle, or empty a waste bottle.

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